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Town of Franklin Special
Town Board Meeting And Subdivision Workshop

September 12, 2007 - 7:00 pm

The Town Board of the Town of Franklin held a duly noticed Special Board meeting and Subdivision workshop on Wednesday, September 12, 2007 at 7:00 pm at the Vermontville Town Hall.

Board members present:

    Supervisor Mary Ellen Keith
    Councilperson Janet Ordway
    Councilman Walt Kretser

Board members absent:

    Councilman Gene Goff
    Councilman Tim Goff

Others present
    Highway Supt. James Rascoe,Town Clerk Sandra Oliver, David Dekkers,Clifford Smalley, Paul Ward,Jean Baltzly, Richard Jarvis


    Supervisor Keith called the meeting to order; the Pledge of Allegiance was recited; the Town Clerk called the roll, and announced a quorum was present.


    1. EMERGENCY ROAD REPAIR. Highway Supt. James Rascoe reported on the emergency road repair situation on Franklin Falls Road. Two trees blew down into the water near the dam, destroying the guard rails and collapsing the bank, leaving a 70 ft. drop to the water. Supt. Rascoe immediately telephoned Supv. Mary Ellen Keith and Coun. Walt Kretser to discuss the matter, as well as NYS Dept. Environmental Conservation and Adirondack Park Agency. In addition he spoke with County Deputy Hwy. Supt. Gary Lewis, who traveled to the site with the County Engineer. Highway Supt. Rascoe's solution is to utilize the chunks of cement paving stored at Norman Ridge to stabilize the bank, implant steel I-Beams for additional support and cover the area with cement. He will replace the guard rails. County Deputy Hwy. Supt. Lewis and the County Engineer agreed with Supt. Rascoe's repair, and the County will also provide a welder at no charge to the Town. APA and DEC are also in agreement with Supt. Rascoe's planned repair. Franklin Falls Road from the intersection of Rock Street down the hill to County Rte. 48 will be closed for repair from 7:00 a.m. Thursday September 13 until further notice. The Highway Dept. will continue working at the site on Friday, Sept. 14, and if repairs are not complete, the road will remain closed over the weekend. The School District has been notified, and National Grid will lower the water level at the dam by 2 feet. Town Clerk Oliver will alert the media.

    2. SAND AND SALT BIDS. Franklin County has the contract for salt, the price of which rose by $3.47 per ton from last year. The Highway Dept. used approximately 650 tons of sand in 2006. Supt. Rascoe would like to request 1,300 tons of salt and 100 extra tons of salt for this coming winter. He would like the requests for bids for road sand to be published as soon as possible.

    Motion to publish request for bids for road sand (J.Ordway-W.Kretser m/s/p) ALL AYE

    RESOLUTION NO. 35: PUBLISH REQUEST FOR BIDS ON ROAD SAND WHEREAS, the purchase of sand is necessary to keep the Town's roads safe during the winter months; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town Clerk is ordered to publish the following request for bids locally:

    PUBLIC NOTICE TO BIDDERS PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Town of Franklin is accepting bids on the purchase of 13,000 tons of road sand to NY State specs, screened and FOB, with a minimum of four (4) trucks per day, 7:00 am to 4:00 pm delivery.

    Bids must be returned by 6:00 PM on October 1, 2007 and be accompanied by a non-collusive bidding certificate. Send bids to: Sandra J. Oliver, Franklin Town Clerk, P O Box 209, Vermontville, NY 12989 or delivered to same at the Town Hall, 7 Cold Brook Rd., Vermontville. Envelopes must be marked "SAND BID." Bids will be opened and awarded at a special meeting of the Town Board at 7:00 PM on Monday, October 1, 2007 at the Town Hall, Vermontville, NY. The Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

    Those voting aye:

      Supervisor Mary Ellen Keith
      Councilperson Janet Ordway
      Councilman Walt Kretser

    Those Absent:

      Councilman Gene Goff
      Councilman Tim Goff

    Those voting nay:


    3. COPIER PURCHASE. The photocopier at the Highway Dept. must be replaced. Supt. Rascoe asked the Board's permission to purchase a Sharp Model 850 copier, listed at $1,259 but discounted to $769 from Munn's Office Products. The Board concurred.

    The Board thanked Supt. Rascoe for his good work on the emergency road repair, and Superintendent Rascoe then left the meeting.

    FUEL BIDS. Supervisor Keith requested the Board's permission to advertise for fuel bids.

    Motion for resolution authorizing request for bids for fuel (W.Kretser-J.Ordway m/s/p) ALL AYE

    RESOLUTION NO. 36: AUTHORIZE PUBLICATION OF REQUEST FOR FUEL BIDS WHEREAS, the Town will require four (4) types of fuel for the coming year; NOW, THEREFORE, the Town Clerk is ordered to publish the following:


    PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that under Town Law section 103A, the Town of Franklin Town Board, 7 Cold Brook Rd, Vermontville, NY 12989 hereby solicits SEALED BIDS on the following:

    • 3,825 gallons unleaded gasoline
    • 17,300 gallons on-road diesel
    • 5,800 gallons propane
    • 1,200 gallons #2 fuel oil

    There are 4 delivery locations, but primarily the Town Hall and the Town Garage. Bids should include billing policy and availability of delivery to accommodate various situations, and bids should also include a statement as to price fluctuation on the item bid upon.

    Bids must be addressed to TOWN CLERK and submitted in a sealed envelope. The item(s) to be bid upon and the date and time for opening must be clearly written on the envelope front. Bids will be received until 6:00 pm on Monday, October 1, 2007 and will be opened at 7:00 pm that same evening, at the Town Hall, 7 Cold Brook Rd, P O Box 209, Vermontville, NY 12989. Bidder must have been established for at least one year and currently be a duly recognized representative of the company. A NON-COLLUSIVE BIDDING CERTIFICATE must accompany each bid. The Town Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

    By submission of a bid on an item the bidder deems that the words "or approved equal" be applicable to each price quotation unless so noted. All applicable State and federal taxes WILL BE EXCLUDED from the bid price, and tax exemption certificates will be provided to the successful bidder. Copies of the specifications and delivery locations are available from the Town Clerk at the Vermontville Town Hall.

    Those voting aye:

      Supervisor Mary Ellen Keith
      Councilperson Janet Ordway
      Councilman Walt Kretser

    Those Absent:

      Councilman Gene Goff
      Councilman Tim Goff

    Those voting nay:



    Dave Dekkers, Chair of the Building Committee, and Supv. Mary Ellen Keith met with Mark Chauvin of Earth Science Engineering ("ESE") on Friday, September 7, 2007. They reported they were pleased with the analyses being performed thus far by ESE. Mr. Dekkers reviewed a summary of meeting points received from Mr. Chauvin. ESE suggests resizing and reprioritizing the project which was to be rehabilitation of the Garage and Town Hall and construction of a new building at the Recreation Park. ESE recommends first refurbishing the Town Garage and second, constructing the new public assembly structure at the Rec. Park. The rehabilitation of the Town Hall would be delayed except for a new heating system and records management system for which the Town has received grant awards. The Court would be relocated to the new, larger structure at the Rec. Park, incorporating all suggested alterations by the Unified Court System. ESE estimates the cost of the two buildings will be approximately $1 million. If the remodeling of the Town Hall is included in the project, the cost would rise to $1.75 million. The Town will need to issue bonds in an amount sufficient to finance the entire project, regardless of how many grants it is awarded. ESE will submit a detailed, revised cost estimate for the resized project for the October 8, 2007 monthly Board meeting. Mr. Dekkers indicated that once the refurbished Garage and new building at the Rec. Park are operational, the Town would save money on maintenance due to the green technology being utilized in construction.

    Coun. Walt Kretser stated with grant funding from NYSERDA for new construction utilizing green building technology, the ultimate cost to the Town would be less than $1 million. In addition, NYS Unified Court System has grant funding for all the improvements to the Court.

    The Town Board and members of the Building Committee will be present at the October 8, 2007 meeting to determine the best direction for the Town with respect to its infrastructure upgrade and new construction.

2008 BUDGET.

    Supervisor Keith requested that budget requests be submitted to her by Monday, September 17, 2007 so that the Budget Officer can prepare the Tentative Budget for 2008.


    As two members of the Town Board were absent, it was determined that the Subdivision Workshop would be tabled to the October 1, 2007 special board meeting. Coun. Walt Kretser requested all Board members to review the articles contained in the Town of Bethlehem Subdivision Regulations and select those sections which would pertain to the Town of Franklin.


    Monday, October 1, 2007: Special Board meeting & Subdivision Workshop; open sand bids
    Monday, October 8, 2007: Regular monthly Board meeting
    Monday, October 15, 2007: Special Board meeting & Budget Workshop
    Monday, October 22, 2007: Special Board meeting & Budget Workshop
    Tuesday, November 6, 2007: Election Day - polls open 6am-9pm
    Monday, November 12, 2007: Regular monthly Board meeting


    There being no further business to conduct, the meeting adjourned at 8:02 pm. (M.Keith-J.Ordway m/s/p) ALL AYE

Respectfully submitted, Sandra J. Oliver, Town Clerk

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