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Regular Board Meeting - June 9, 2021 5:30PM


Supervisor Dorothy Brown, Councilman Tom Bartiss, Councilman Richard Jarvis, Councilman Don Hamm and Councilman Leo Demong


Leg. Lindy Ellis, Terry Bellinger/Chris LaBarge—Franklin County Tourism Advisory Committee, Rachelle Waters, Doris Hamm, Jacques DeMars—Highway Superintendent, and Lauren LeFebvre—Town Clerk


Supervisor Brown called the meeting to order at 5:30pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the Town Clerk called the roll, noting a quorum present.


Legislator Lindy Ellis reported Franklin County is the first county in the state to complete an individual review of every address and status of high speed broadband access in (or omitted) Spectrum's build-out plan. Lindy conveyed thanks to the Town of Franklin Broadband committee for the accuracy and completeness of the town's current broadband status for all residents.

COVID -Leg. Ellis also reported the Town of Franklin's percentage of residents fully vaccinated is 60%. Councilman Hamm inquired as to the status of Franklin County DMV allowing walk-in customers and if the Saranac Lake office would be reopening. Leg. Ellis stated this matter is under the purview of the Franklin County Clerk but she does anticipate most Franklin County offices will be open to the public in the near future.

REVIEW/APPROVAL OF May 12 2021 MINUTES - Approved as presented. (Jarvis-Demong m/s/p) All Aye


The board audited and approved the following claims:

General FundAbstract 5Claims 115-141$12,917.94
Pre-Pay GeneralAbstract 4Claim 9- 10$492.71
Highway FundAbstract 5Claims 74-99$13,046.13

(D.Hamm-D.Jarvis m/s/p) All Aye

SUPERVISOR'S REPORT: Balances on hand as of May 31, 2021

General Fund
Kt. Mt SRF$2,058.10
Cemetery RF$5,607.62
Kate Mt. CLASS$46,660.30
Highway Fund
Cap Proj. HW$49,154.44
Landfill Clos. CR
Fire Protection
Capital Proj Bldg

(Bartiss-Demong m/s/p) All Aye

HIGHWAY SUPERINTENDENT'S REPORT - Superintendent DeMars read the following written report:

  • Brooming has been complete
  • * Mowing contract
  • Requested by NYS Police to clean road (County Route 55) where sand/ fill was dropped in the road. Called Franklin County then sent 2 men with loader/ pickup and tow behind broom
  • Assisted St. Armand with paving (2 men and trucks)
  • Picked up general fund trailer as requested by Supervisor Brown
  • As requested by Supervisor Brown: dug out/ removed a chunk of concrete at Rec. Park, Dug out, hauled sand and leveled near volleyball court/ swings and put up sign
  • Installed a driveway culvert as per culvert policy
  • Sent 2 men to pick up maintenance truck that we got through OGS
  • Cut tree that fell in the road on Fletcher Farm Rd.
  • Cut trees/ shoulders as part of prepping for paving on Fletcher Farm Rd
  • No dumping signs put up on Bigelow Road
  • Gas & Fuel sheet given to Town Clerk.

RESOLUTION #15 APPROVAL OF 2021 MOWING CONTRACT WITH FRANKLIN COUNTY On a motion by Councilman Bartiss, second by Councilman Jarvis, BE IT RESOLVED that the Town of Franklin Town Board does hereby approve entering into a contract with Franklin County in the amount of $100.00 per mile for the mowing of county roadsides by the Town of Franklin Highway department.

Those Voting Aye:
    Supervisor Brown
    Councilman Hamm
    Councilman Jarvis
    Councilman Demong
    Councilman Bartiss

Those Voting No: None


A. Franklin County Tourism Advisory Committee Chris LaBarge and Terry Bellinger presented the Explore Adirondack Frontier joint initiative between Franklin Adirondack Development Corporation, Franklin County and Franklin County Tourism Advisory Committee. The goals of this collaboration include maintaining public health, benefiting local taxpayers, supporting the local economy, implementing strategic marketing and planning for the future. The committee requested the support of the Town of Franklin in their efforts to establish the Adirondack Frontier Recreational Trail.

RESOLUTION #16 RESOLUTION TO SUPPORT THE LAKE CLEAR JUNCTION TO ST REGIS MOHAWK RESERVATION RECREATIONAL TRAIL, KNOWN AS THE ADIRONDACK FRONTIER RECREATIONAL TRAIL WHEREAS, trails provide natural, scenic, and recreational value; and WHEREAS, trails are good for the public health of our residents, offering places close to home for physical exercise, mental relaxation, and family recreation; and, WHEREAS, old rail beds, utility line corridors, designated roads, public and private lands provide routes for Recreational Trail use; and WHEREAS, the Adirondack Frontier Recreational Trail will provide access to The Adirondack Rail Trail from Tupper Lake to Lake Placid; and; WHEREAS, the Adirondack Frontier Recreational Trail between Lake Clear Junction and Malone will primarily reside on the old New York Central rail bed which was sold to Niagara Mohawk excepting 6 parcels privately owned representing approximately 45 miles being phase 1; and WHEREAS, the Adirondack Frontier Recreational Trail from Malone to St Regis Mohawk Reservation will require coordination with private/public land owners, local towns, Franklin County Legislature and the St. Regis Mohawk Tribal Council to define the route in subsequent phases adding up to 35 miles; and; WHEREAS, the Adirondack Frontier Recreational Trail will continue to expand and connect communities as their respective Town Council/Board provide supporting resolutions for trail development; and; WHEREAS, the Adirondack Frontier Recreational Trail will focus on safe facilities and maximize separation from vehicular traffic as much as possible to encourage bicyclists, walkers, the physically challenged, other non-motorized users of all ages and restricted motorized to be more active and spend time outdoors, thereby improving their fitness, health and family recreation; and WHEREAS, when communities in other areas of the United States and abroad provide for non-motorized and specific motorized trail options they thrive as places to live and work; and WHEREAS, the Adirondack Frontier Recreational Trail, by offering both residents and tourists access to natural, cultural and historical sites, will bring health and economic benefits to counties, municipalities and businesses in the region such as revenues to local economies, healthcare savings, enhanced real estate values, and increased activity; and WHEREAS, the Town of Franklin recognizes the many benefits of trails; and; WHEREAS, the Town of Franklin feels that it is in the best interest of the citizens of Franklin County to endorse said project; and; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Town of Franklin hereby endorses Adirondack Frontier Recreational Trail, and will provide technical assistance when available and needed for the duration of the project. ADOPTED this the 9th day of June, 2021.

Those Voting Aye:
    Supervisor Brown
    Councilman Hamm
    Councilman Jarvis
    Councilman Demong
    Councilman Bartiss

Those Voting No: None

B. Open Sand Bids The Town Clerk stated one bid was received. Supervisor Brown opened the sealed bid and announced the bid was submitted by Trudeau Sand and Gravel in the amount of $5.75 per ton. Discussion was held regarding the availability of manufactured road sand to incorporate into the sand mix.

RESOLUTION #17 ACCEPTANCE OF BID FOR THE PURCHASE OF UP TO 13,000 TONS OF ROAD SAND On a motion by Councilman Hamm, second by Councilman Bartiss, BE IT RESOLVED that the Town of Franklin does hereby accept the bid of $5.75 per ton for the purchase of up to 13,000 tons of road sand and; BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Town of Franklin Highway Superintendent has the authority to purchase manufactured road sand from another quarry at his discretion.

Those Voting Aye:
    Supervisor Brown
    Councilman Hamm
    Councilman Jarvis
    Councilman Demong
    Councilman Bartiss

Those Voting No: None

C. Open Paving Bids -The Town Clerk stated one bid was received. Supervisor Brown opened the sealed bid, announcing it was submitted by Noel J. Brunell & Son, Inc in the amount of $6,160 per day plus $300 for Mobilization and Demobilization of equipment to job site.

RESOLUTION #18 ACCEPTING PAVING BID FROM NOEL J. BRUNELL AND SON On a motion by Councilman Hamm, second by Councilman Jarvis, BE IT RESOLVED that the Town of Franklin Town Board does hereby accept the bid from Noel J. Brunell & Son, Inc for the paving of Town roads in the amount of $6,160 per day and $300 mobilization/demobilization to job site.

Those Voting Aye:
    Supervisor Brown
    Councilman Hamm
    Councilman Jarvis
    Councilman Demong
    Councilman Bartiss

Those Voting No: None

D. D. Speed Limit Requests -Councilman Jarvis stated a resident has inquired with him the procedure for requesting a speed limit change on a town road. Superintendent DeMars informed the board the first step in the process would be submission of a written request to the Town of Franklin Town Board.

Those Voting No: None


A. Insurance Update -none

B. DASNY -Grant paperwork is in process in Albany.

C. CDBG -Projects are progressing. Applications to Friends of the North Country for assistance are still being accepted.

D. Waterfront Revitalization Grant -Final Master Plan has not been received yet.

E. Assemblyman Jones Funding -No update on status.

G. Bigelow Road -No Dumping sign have been posted.


A. Recreation-Summer Day Camp: -The committees submitted the following reports:

- Lauren has submitted DOH application, staff background checks complete
- Still recruiting 1 counselor and lunch lady( by school)
- Portajohns and wash stations ordered, to be delivered just before July 6 start
- Brian Hinkley to assist with setups including tent next to pavilion, new Volleyball net
- Snickles to setup water fill station at better height
- Director Kathy Drake ordering supplies and applying for grant funds-FC Youth Bur. And SLYAA
- Budget: Personal Service A7310.1= $11,105. (current estimate approx.. $7200)
   - Equipment A7310.2= $1,132 (camp activity supplies etc)
   - Contractual A7310.4= $3,420. (Casella dumpster, Snickles plumbing, Boyer)

Kiosks and town website
-See separate proposed work program and request for estimate from Adirondack Research
- In particular, review and suggest additions to points of interest for town to include on maps
-To fund by town Special Recreational contractual A7140.4 and grant from Franklin Co. Economic Development Destination Program.

-With help of Brian Hinkley and highway crew, broken and unsafe playground equipment removed, and added sand under playground equipment for safety as recommended by NYMIR
-Ordered new Volleyball net, to be installed soon.
-Started pruning overhanging tree branches on trail, more clearing planned as well as ordering trail signage.
-Brian Hinkley started staining the pavilion
-Updated Master Plan- awaiting final printing of final report
-Adirondack Action Pollinator garden to be planted around the veterans memorial and American flag
-Music Fest being planned by Celebration Committee at Park on August 14, noon to 5 pm.

-Dot send letter to appropriate state officials encouraging segmenting Debar Lodge issue from approval of the rest of the draft UMP involving over 88,000 acres.
-Inquiry to DEC Forester in charge of UMP advised there is no schedule for decisions on the draft UMP and that they are working on an amendment to address the proposed new snowmobile trail in light of the recent court ruling on tree cutting for snowmobile trails.

-Cemeteries were mowed and trimmed by Brian Hinkley and flags installed by Goff’s before Memorial Day.

B. Broadband -The committee reported they have provided Dave Wolfe, Adirondack Action, with a copy of the Town's Franchise agreement with Spectrum/Charter/Time Warner, the Town's proposed build-out plan from 2017 and figures provided to the Town from Spectrum regarding the cost of service expansion.


There being no further business before the board, Supervisor Brown adjourned the meeting at 7:15pm.

Respectfully submitted, Lauren LeFebvre, Town Clerk

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