Building Permits

Town of Franklin Laws, Permits & FormsAPPLICATION FOR BUILDING PERMIT

Kindly, print out, fill in all areas requested and forward this completed form to:

Town Of Franklin
Division of Code Enforcement & Safety
P.O. Box 209
Vermontville, NY 12989.

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Questions, please call 518-891-5976.

Please click here and read the Notice to Property Owners, Contractor and Agent.

1. A Building permit is required for and prior to commencing the construction, enlargement, alteration or demolition of any building, structure or any portion thereof.
2. In addition to the Permit Application Form, a complete application will include at a minimum:

A set of plans that provide sufficient information to determine compliance with the NYS Building Code. Plans bearing the seal of a New York State registered Architect or Engineer may be required.
A dimensioned plot plan that depicts the lot boundaries, existing and proposed structures and names of adjacent property owners.(A sample plot plan is attached)
The Permit Fee. $30.00 Plus 1/4 of 1% (.0025) of the construction cost.

3. The Town of Franklin makes no representations pertaining to the applicant’s compliance with the Adirondack Park Agency, Department of Environmental Conservation or other State, County and/or local agency regulations and assumes no responsibility for any such requirements nor for any obligations for notification and coordination in connection therewith.

4. The Code Officer must be contacted for inspections as required, including at the following stages:

Foundation (pouring concrete)
Rough Framing
Plumbing (before closing in)
Electric (before closing in)
Completion of building

5. No building shall be occupied or used for any purpose until a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued by the Code Officer.

The Code Officer can be contacted as follows:
Franklin Town Hall office hours - April thru November, Wednesdays 4:00-6:30pm.
Cell - (518) 728-6100 text or cell

Bldg Plans Plot Plan Water Sewer
Energy Audit Liability Ins. Workers Comp. Rough Lumb

PLOT DIAGRAM(locate clearly and distinctly all building, whether existing or proposed, and indicate all set-back dimensions from property lines. Give lot and blacok numbers oir description according to deed, and show street names and indicate whether interior or corner lot.)