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    Volume 2 Issue 2 - May 2011

    From the Supervisor By Art Willman

    Snow, Ice, Water Havoc

    Some areas totaled 4 feet above average snow fall which, as we all know, contributed to some serious melt-water runoff. And then the rains came. First, some heavy rains came at the beginning of April. This was followed by some torrential rains later in the month. All this contributed to record water levels in our streams and rivers and never-before seen shoreline flooding along some of the lakes. Most notably, Lake Champlain is currently in uncharted territory at 3 ft. above flood stage. All through our area, people who never had flooding in their basements found water due to what could be a near record high water table.

    We had some unprecedented runoff and flooding in some areas where culverts are just too undersized to handle all the water. Our highway crews have been out repairing any damage and fixing what needs to be fixed. Such areas as the top of Tyler Road where water found its way out of the ditch and back on to the roadway and along the Alder Brook Rd. where an old concrete box culvert failed, causing the edge of the road to give way are only two of the most notable examples. Also, repairs are ongoing on the Paye Rd., Rock St., Alder Brook Rd., and the ever-popular Goldsmith Rd. where the beavers have become active once again.

    Town Buildings Improvements Beget Savings

    At the Garage, more repairs have begun. We replaced the inefficient, forced-air Modine heaters with efficient radiant tube heaters. From all accounts, these heaters are a dramatic improvement in both the quality and quantity of heat. We have noted a reduction in the amount of propane used as well.

    Back in the fall, it was noticed that there were several screws loose or missing in the garage roof. This has been taken care of and we are looking ahead to repairing and painting the rake boards and fascia if funds allow.

    At the Town Hall, we have several projects in the works. This winter, Glenn primed and painted the kitchen walls and ceiling. This was the first step in bringing the kitchen up to spec for Health Department approval. It also has brightened things up considerable. The windows in the kitchen, bathrooms, and part of the main hall and offices have been replaced. The rest of the windows should be finished very soon. The old, cracked, wooden exterior doors have been replaced with new, energy-efficient doors. This, along with the windows should result in a significant savings in fuel in the future. We have already seen a decrease in fuel usage as a result of the installation of a new furnace last summer. This is the silver lining in the cloud of record high fuel prices that we are currently experiencing. Hopefully we get some relief from these high prices soon.

    HUD Grant Application

    In the area of home and property improvement, the Town, with the aid of the Friends of the North Country, is currently applying for a grant through HUD. Back in March, postcards were sent out to all residents informing everyone that the Town was going to pursue such a grant and they asked for a response from those who wish to seek financial help for home and property repairs. Although there was not a tremendous response, at least not enough to pursue the full amount of $400,000, there were enough responses to justify the application for a grant for approximately half that amount. The grant application will be submitted before the deadline of May 26th and hopefully we have a positive response by late summer or early fall. We'll keep you posted.

    "Conversation Sessions" Begin

    Finally, I would like to announce that I will be holding a series of "Conversation Sessions", much like the town hall meetings we see on TV, to be held on the 3rd Wednesday of May, June, July, and, if response and interest is good, in August as well. These sessions will be held at the Town Hall from 6 to 8 pm. Since these are informal meetings, there will be no business conducted and the entire time will be devoted to discussion of issues that you bring. I realize that some people don't like to bring up things at board meetings for a variety of reasons, so this provides another opportunity for you to air your concerns, and for me to answer your questions. Since this is informal and there will not be minutes taken, I plan to tape record the sessions so that I can accurately recall the issues I may need to bring before the board. I think that open dialogue and a free exchange of ideas and opinions are very important if we are going to successfully function as a town. I hope to see all of you there. Until next time, be well.

    KMCRA 2nd Annual Music Festival

    Local Musicians Featured

    The Kate Mountain Community Recreation Associations, Inc.'s 2nd annual August Music Festival will be held Saturday, August 20th, located at the Kate Mt. Park, State Route 3 in Vermontville, NY. This will be an outdoor concert, with Roy Hurd, Celia Evans, Lerry Stone, Keith Gorgas, Staber and Castoff, 3 Amigos, and The Voices of Hope. The fairway will open at 10 am; the musicians will start at noon.

    Food, Silent Auction, Activities and Games for Kids

    for the kids, and great food. Good Guys Production will be providing games, and don't forget to check out the vendors' area. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The KMCRA is still looking for sponsors for radio ads. Space is still available for vendors, crafters, flea marketers, and growers. For more information contact us at or Derrick Romeo at 518-891-1956. Find us on Facebook.

    Community Lends Support

    The Kate Mountain Community Recreation Associations, Inc. hosted a benefit spaghetti dinner on Saturday, May 14th for Rick Gonyea and his family. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who joined us. Your support for Rick and his family was overwhelming; with your generosity we were able to help them supplement some of their travel and lodging expenses. Your caring gesture is greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten. We would also like to take this opportunity to say a special thank you to all the volunteers who took time out of their day to help with this special event and also to all the people that donated desserts.

    Invasive Species Concerns

    At the April regular town board meeting Town of Franklin resident Richard Jarvis advocated that the Town pursue the adoption of an Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention law. He reported that he had spoken with Hilary Smith (Keene Valley) who indicated that laws of this type had been adopted by Santa Clara, Lake Placid, Harrietstown and Brighton. It is hoped by Ms. Smith that by municipalities adopting such laws, the State of New York will take heed and do the same. There are five bodies of water in the Town of Franklin but the invasive species inventories are out of date. These plants are a nuisance. In this connection the Town Board adopted the following resolution:

    SPECIES LEGISLATION TO ATTORNEY FOR TOWN WHEREAS, several neighboring municipalities have enacted local laws prohibiting the spread of invasive species in their waters; and WHEREAS, the Rainbow Lake Association has recommended the Town of Franklin also adopt such legislation; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Town Board hereby authorizes the Supervisor to request the attorney for the Town to draft a local law. Those voting aye: Supervisor Arthur P. Willman, Jr. Councilman Allen Berg Councilman Donald Hamm Those voting nay: NONE [Editor's Note: the Loon Lake Homeowners' Association has had yearly aquatic plant inventories done by Paul Smith's College Aquatic Institute and thus far no plant invasive species have been detected.] .] The town board will conduct a public hearing on the proposed law on Wed, May 25 at 7:00 pm at the Vermontville Town Hall.

    Roadside Cleanup Day

    town of franklin

    A Town wide Roadside Cleanup day was held on Saturday, May 21st; from 8:00 to 4:00 pm. Coffee and doughnuts welcomed the volunteers in the morning while BBQ hot dogs and soda were available all day. Many thanks to Roger Symonds, the McCulley family, Doris and Don Hamm, Sandy, Fran, and Jeff Oliver, the Pittman Crew, Ed Martin, and Art who took action to improve our environment.

    Demong First Inductee of Saranac Lake Walk of Fame

    On Saturday May 14, Vermontville native Olympic Gold Medalist Bill Demong was honored as the first inductee to the Saranac Lake Walk of Fame at a reception held at the Hotel Saranac. Created last year by the Saranac Lake Village Board, the Walk of Fame recognizes notable community residents and celebrates village history.

    Demong acknowledged the distinction of being the first to receive this honor with deep appreciation and was lauded by his parents for his achievements; and was praised by Town of Franklin Supervisor Art Willman for being proud of being a Vermontville native.

    The celebration, which was hosted by village Mayor Clyde Rabideau, culminated with the unveiling of a solid bronze plaque by Rabideau and Willman. The impressive plaque bears the village logo and is inscribed with the words "Walk of Fame" and "William Demong."

    Coming to Our Census

    2010 Census Reveals Drop in Town Population, Increase in Inhabitants' Age

    Data gleaned from the 2000 and 2010 Census' indicate that during the last 10 years the total population in the Town of Franklin decreased by 57 inhabitants; i.e., from 1,197 to 1,140. Additional changes are seen in median age; i.e., an increase from 39.7 years to 48.1years.

    Housing units increased by 31; i.e., from 982 to 1,013. [Editor's note: the increase in housing units is probably largely due to increased building of seasonal homes.]

    Happy Birthday to Our Town and the Church of the Nazarene

    On May 20, 1836, The Town of Franklin was born, and it is now 175 years old. Details regarding the Town's beginnings can be found in the first edition of "They Told Me So", published by the Town in 1986.

    Also to be noted is that the Vermontville Church of the Nazarene had its beginning in 1936 and is now 75 years old. A guest commentary by Martha Tyler John published in the May 19, 2011 edition of the "Adirondack Daily Enterprise" details interesting accounts regarding the Church of the Nazarene's beginning and its relationship to the Town.

    Mayhem, Malice, Murder and...mice?

    Pendragon's 31st summer season offers a stunning variety of stories and genres, an extraordinary company and a new production format.

    Stuart Little, adapted from the E.B. White classic by Joseph Robinette, recreates the adventures of a plucky mouse trying to survive in a "real people's world." Stuart encounters a number of challenges with humans and animals, but remains positive and supportive. Heroes don't have to be big. The Mystery of Irma Vep opens June 18 and closes September 4, with a total of 16 performances throughout the summer.

    Originally produced by Charles Ludlam's Ridiculous Theatrical Company, the spoof is a sidesplitting satire of theatrical, literary and cinematic genres. Performed by Burdette Parks and Bob Pettee, who switch gender and costumes multiple times, all the while delivering delightful mayhem. Bonnie B. Brewer directs.

    Sweeney Todd opens July 13 for a limited run - 12 performances. The production closes August 9. Stephen Sondheim's dark masterpiece juxtaposes lush songs with a riveting story of obsession and revenge. Full of gothic gore, Sondheim's mesmerizing tale is a macabre musical thriller.

    Pendragon musical talents join forces with The High Peaks Opera. Karen Kirkham directs. Liz Cordes is Musical Director. George Cordes plays the title role.

    Les Liasions Dangereuses, adapted from the novel by Christopher Hampton, is a searing dark comedy of seduction, permeated by illicit passion, betrayal and ruthless manipulation. Set in 1780's France, the tale of sexual intrigue pits rival former lovers and their prey in a game of power, lust and deceit. The play was adapted for the screen in the 1988 film Dangerous Liasions.

    The production, directed by Karen Kirkham, reunites former Pendragon company members Joe Guzman and Ginger Honey with a vibrant mix of current and new theatre artists. A limited run - only 10 performances, Les Liasions Dangereuses opens July 27 and closes August 13.

    A murderer lurks amongst a group of people confined by a snowstorm. Who is the next victim? The ultimate "whodunit" - a chilling country weekend of duplicity and murder.

    Pendragon's final summer offering is Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap. Claimed as the longest running play in the world, the murder mystery has been translated into 24 languages and continues to enjoy enormous popularity world- wide.

    Burdette Parks directs . The production opens August 18 runs to September 24 for a total of 11 performances.


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