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Kate Mountain Recreation Park Celebration!


The property to be developed as Kate Mountain Recreation Park was purchased from Hubert and Gene Tyler on December, 1986. The name came from the Cate family who settled at the foot of the mountain, now known as Kate Mountain, in 1829. It is unclear when or why the name was changed from “Cate” to “Kate”. We owe a debt of gratitude to The Town of Franklin who during the 1970's and 1980's recognized the needs of the community for dedicated recreational facilities.


• The Town of Franklin was awarded a $25,000 grant by NYS to further the development of the park


• Ball field began to be developed
• Well and electricity were installed
• Basketball court was built


• Construction of a 36' x 48' pavilion
• Install a flag pole and flag
• Skate shack and 100 ft2 rink

Twenty five years ago a mission statement, a vision statement and a committee philosophy were developed.

To encourage community involvement in planning
To develop a park to serve all ages
To offer varied recreational components for different interests
To consider the benefits to the town's economy

Mission - Our mission as a committee is to provide excellent recreation for all the people who live in and visit the Town of Franklin.

Vision - Founded in a rich heritage in the Town of Franklin, the Recreation Park will enrich the lives of the people that use the park. Through the collaborative efforts of all parties, we hope to build a recreation facility that will meet the needs and exceed the expectations in both recreation and economic development.

Philosophy - Through the collaborative effort of the people of the Town of Franklin, the Town Board, the Town Planner and New York State, we are committed to develop the best park possible that will improve the overall value of our community.


• Baseball field prepared
• 75 cedar trees planted along the property line


• July 10- Park Dedication Day
• Kate Mountain Park sign unveiled
• Playground equipment purchased and installed


Town of Franklin Summer Program Campers. Can you identify them?


• Curtis Tyler Memorial Field dedicated
• Basketball court fenced


• Curtis Tyler Memorial Scoreboard installed and dedicated


• 33kWh Solar Array installed.
This will supply electricity for the Town Hall, Highway Garage and Park.


We are so excited that we have been able to put a new building, playground equipment and Pump Track at Kate Mountain Park this year. The following people have shared their time and talents, without any compensation to the Town of Franklin in achieving this task. Their help was so important to our project. It's so crucial to acknowledge their contributions and let them know they are valued. Thank you for all you do. You are greatly appreciated and your efforts are making a difference in our community.

• Dominic Fontana.... Dominic engineered the plans for our onsite wastewater treatment system. He made several visits to the park for testing and to evaluate the site. He drew up engineered plans and they were approved by the Department of Health.
• Niederbuhl Brothers... Steve and Tommy delivered truckloads of wood chips for our new playground equipment. The area to cover was 60 X 80 Feet. That is a lot of wood chips!!!
• Awarded us a $5000.00 Grant to purchase a Shed for our Youth Program.
• ADK Action... Planted a beautiful perennial Pollinator Garden at the park.
• KC Brousseau... We are thrilled to announce that phase 1 of Kate Mountain Bike Park was built and opened this past summer of 2022. Phase 1 of the park includes a beginner pumptrack designed and built by local KC of KC Cubed Inc with additional help from other local businesses and owners. Initial site plan and excavation was done in collaboration between KC and John Mussen with Mussen Excavating with additional equipment operation thanks to Ethan Carter with Mussen Excavating and Mike Canty with the Town of Franklin. Track shaping work was completed in collaboration between KC and Tyler Watson with Adirondack Excavation and Grading with additional help from a handful of local volunteers. KC would like to send a special thanks to Taylor Rental New York and Jeremy Schenk with Adirondacks Accomplished for supplying the machinery needs at a discounted rate. Another special thanks to the Town of Franklin for supplying their machines, operators, and the material needs and for working with KC hand in hand to complete the project.

As noted, many people contributed to Kate Mountain Recreation Park's progress. This includes various town boards, recreation committees and highway departments. Many of you provided money, muscle and ideas; you supported fund raisers. These efforts are remembered and appreciated. All are encouraged to visit their park and it's constant companion, Kate Mountain.

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