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    Volume 3 Issue 2 - May 2012

    From the Supervisor

    By Art Willman

    Another winter seems to be behind us and all signs indicate that spring has sprung. Some record high temperatures early on in March gave us a bit of a taste of things to come, but we were jolted back to reality as snow and more seasonable temperatures returned to remind us that we live in the Adirondacks.

    Highway Department Equipment Repair and Maintenance

    Over at the highway garage, the guys are working on repairing and doing maintenance on the equipment from the winter and on prepping the equipment for the spring and summer seasons. Among the projects has been a refurbishing of the York rake and a complete overhaul of the wood chipper including paint jobs. On a side note, the grader that Paul put so much TLC into last year was back in service this year scraping ice off our problem areas as well as shaping up the large section of the Plank Rd. that was damaged during Hurricane Irene last summer.

    FEMA Projects Resumed

    Speaking of Hurricane Irene and last year's spring floods, we are picking up where we left off last fall. We have earmarked the necessary resources to close out the rest of our FEMA projects this year. Among them is the repair of our dirt roads including the Goldsmith and Thatcherville roads to name just a couple. We have purchased a "gently used" roller for the purpose of compacting the material that we put on these roads. This will greatly reduce the formation of pot holes and "wash boarding" that occurs after a few rains in material that has not been well compacted. Overall this winter wasn't too rough in terms of plowing, although some warmer than normal temperatures resulted in more ice and freezing rain events, so we probably used a bit more sand than usual. Right now some of the guys are out sweeping up all that sand.

    Town Buildings Improvements

    At the Town Hall, we have been a bit busy as well. The restrooms got some new commodes and we put out bids for a lighting upgrade and the installation of a standby generator. The lighting upgrade which was made possible by a rebate from National Grid consists of replacing the ballasts and bulbs in the Town Hall with new, high efficiency components. As we speak, this has been just about completed. At the Garage, we are going a step further and replacing the entire fixtures. They are currently working on that and expect to complete the job in the next few days. Along with the light fixtures we are also going to install a "smart" timer to control the outside area lights. This all should result in some significant energy savings.

    New Town Hall Generator to Be Installed

    The standby generator at the Town Hall is long overdue. Since we frequently experience power outages at all times of the year and since the Town Hall is designated as a shelter in the event of a major disaster, it not only makes sense, it is absolutely necessary. The generator will be a 14 kw, automatic start, propane generator which will power the Town Hall through a 200 amp automatic transfer switch. It is designed to come on and exercise itself for several minutes once a week to ensure that it is ready should an outage happen. This provides us with the security of knowing that we are ready in the event of not only minor outages that last for a few hours to major catastrophes during which we may not have power for days or even weeks.

    Recreation Park Update

    Summer Youth Program

    Since Summer is just around the corner, we have been gearing up for the activities at the park. First off, the Summer Youth Program is all set to begin on July 2nd from 9 am until 2 pm. We look forward to another great year. We have been in touch with the Saranac Lake School District and we are hoping that they will once again be able to help us out with the lunch program.

    Park Improvement Projects

    One of the most important things we are going to try to do is make some serious improvements in improving the park. First and foremost among these improvements is enlarging the playing fields. For years the Highway Dept. has dumped some of the fill that was dug from roadside ditches at the park. Last Fall and again this year, the County has been good enough to lend us their bulldozer to level off the piles of fill and start separating out some of the debris and rocks mixed in with the dirt. Now comes the hard part.

    Volunteers Needed to Accomplish Improvement Goals

    We need a large cadre of volunteers who are willing to donate their time and labor to help clean up the rocks and debris and prepare for the next stage which will include the addition of more fill, some more hand work, the application of cleaner, more finish type material, and finally the seeding of the whole area. We have been in touch with the Kate Mtn. Community Recreation Association and have asked for their help as well. Anyone wishing to pitch in and help when we start scheduling work parties can stop by the Town Hall or give us a call at 891-2189 or my home at 293-1383. Also, watch the bulletin board in front of the Town Hall for notices. Also, anyone wishing to see what we have in mind can see a drawing of the park and what we are trying to accomplish at the Town Hall. Local area groups have expressed an interest in coming to play on our fields once they are constructed. This could begin to bring in some revenue to the Town and to our businesses.

    "Anyone wishing to pitch in and help when we start scheduling work parties can stop by the Town Hall or give us a call at 891-2189 or my home at 293-1383.".

    Funds Sought for Future Park Projects

    Some of the other things we have in mind for the park are the eventual construction of restrooms, a more suitable skating area, and eventually perhaps a community center. The whole thing is to try to accomplish these things with funding sources other than tax payer funds. This could include grants, which currently are very scarce or private funds such as donations directly to the Town's Capital Projects Fund, or funds generated through events sponsored by groups like the Kate Mtn. Community Recreation Association. The key thing is to do these projects without raising taxes. It is difficult enough trying to fund the necessities without trying to pick up some unnecessary albeit highly desirable projects. I firmly feel that, if we all work together and pitch in, we can make these things come about.

    Dog License Renewal Reminder

    Just a quick reminder: All dogs in the Town of Franklin are required to be licensed and leashed. If your dog's license is not current, please stop in at the Town Hall and renew your dog licenses.

    Informal Town Hall Conversations Available

    I gave some thought to scheduling some Town Hall Conversations outside of the normal Board meeting night. Last year, with the exception of some of the good people from the Goldsmith Rd. on one occasion, I was pretty lonely. So if any of you would like to get together and have a chat about what is going on in the Town, or if you have any particular concerns or pet peeves, I would be happy to schedule an evening when we could chat. Please give a call and we can set it up. That's about it for now. Until next time, be well.

    Establishment of a Franklin County Planning Office

    The Town of Malone officials have been promoting the establishment of a County Planning Office which is required in order to get Regional Council grant funding.

    On March 9, 2011 Representatives Tim Burpoe and Tim Lashomb appeared before the Franklin Town Board requesting support for a study into the establishment of a County Planning Office. Initially, the Franklin Town Board (with some reservation) supported a study researching whether a County Planning Office would benefit all municipalities in the County of Franklin; however, subsequently, after considering the pros and cons of the proposal, the majority opinion of the Franklin Town Board is that such an office would place an additional tax burden on residents without any benefit. As a result, the Board resolved to oppose the establishment of a Franklin County Planning Board.

    Lester G. Parker, JR. Appointed as Liaison to the Association of Senior Citizens in Franklin County, Inc.

    Lester Parker replaces Gene Goff who resigned from the position of the Town of Franklin 55-PLUS Club Liaison with of the Association of Senior Citizens in Franklin County. Inc. The Town Board deemed Lester to be qualified for the position and acknowledged his willingness to serve; and therefore, accepted the appointment of Lester G. Parker, Jr. to the position.

    Robert R. Drosdowich, Town of Franklin Codes Officer Availability.

    Mr. Drosdowich has office hours from 4-6PM on Tuesdays and that he is always available via his cell phone (524-6209).Please note that the Town of Franklin requires building permits.

    TOF Requests County to Lower Speed Limit on Co. Rt. 60

    The residents of County Route 60 have expressed concern over the lack of signage and 55 mph speed limit of County Route 60. The Town Board agrees that the lack of signage and 55 mph speed limit represent a risk to the residents of the area. Therefore, The Town Board requested that the County of Franklin Superintendent of Highways implore the NYS Dept. of Transportation to impose a 40 mph speed limit on the eastern end of the first two miles of County Route 60 (from the State Route 3 turnoff), removal of the passing zone in the eastern residential end of County Route 60 and replace it with a double yellow line.

    Additional requests include the posting of "school bus stop" signs on the right side of the eastern residential end of County Route 60; and the placement of speed limits and signage on County Route 60 so as to conform both ends of the road; and that the February 1, 2012 letter from Mr. & Mrs. Peter Woodcock be included with any correspondence or forms sent to Franklin County or NYS Dept. of Transportation.

    Ticked Off

    In the early 1970s an unusual outbreak of arthritis in children occurred in a rural community near Lyme, Connecticut. The medical community and researches were puzzled as to what was causing these symptoms, typically after a characteristic localized rash appeared. The cause was later discovered to be a bacterial infection (Borrelia burgdorferi) transmitted by the deer tick (Ixodes scapularis); and the condition was named Lyme disease. Lyme disease may cause symptoms affecting the skin, nervous system, heart and/or joints of an individual. Over 95,000 cases have been reported to the New York State Department of Health since Lyme disease became reportable in 1986.

    According to the Franklin County Health Department these ticks are widely distributed throughout our area. They are active in late spring through early fall and reside in woody and bushy areas with high grass and leaf litter. Keep ticks off your skin. Cover up. Wear long pants, long sleeves, and long socks. Tuck pant legs into socks or boots and tuck shirts into pants. Wash your clothes with hot water and dry them using high heat for at least one hour.

    Check your body for ticks and remove them with fine-tipped tweezers, avoiding tick fluids by wearing gloves or using tissue. Grasp the tick near the mouth parts as close to the skin as possible. Gently pull the tick in a steady, upward motion. Disinfect the bite site with soap and water, rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Record the date and location of the tick bite and inform your health care provider and watch for early symptoms of disease over the next few weeks..

    Please note that the sources of the information above were publications provided by the CDC and the New York Heath Department; and this article is only intended as a guideline for dealing with the tick problem. It is recommended that you get complete information from the above captioned sources: CDC: 1-800-311-3435, ; NYS Health Department: Town Board Meetings 7 p.m

    Town Board Meetings

    7 p.m. 2nd Wednesdays of the Month at the Town Hall, Vermontville

    55+ Club Meetings

    2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the Month at the Town Hall, Vermontville. Bring "Covered Dish". Contact Donna Buckley 891-9214

    St. Paul's Food Pantry

    Building behind Town Hall. Distribution one day a month and as needed... Make out donations to St. Paul's Food Pantry C/o Mary Ellen Keith, 9 Tyler Rd, Vermontville, NY or drop off at Birch bark Deli

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