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    Volume 7 Issue 2 - The Franklin Flyer Our Town News - May 2016

    From the Supervisor

    By Art Willman

    Highway Department

    Things have been moving along since last we spoke in January. Over at the Highway Dept., the guys have been prepping, repairing, and doing maintenance on the equipment they will use for the next several months. We have finished work on our new equipment barn with the addition of overhead doors, so we will now be able to keep our equipment out of the weather, which definitely will contribute to its longevity.

    As for paving, we are hoping to at least finish up the Cold Brook Rd. At almost 2 miles, it will definitely be a project. One of the difficulties that needs to be overcome is a series of three culverts that require replacement prior to paving. The first of these is quite deep and probably require some engineering work as well as involvement of the Army Corps of Engineers.

    Town Hall

    Over at the Town Hall, we have been busy also getting ready for the warm season. Last month, we had a very successful roast beef dinner with a record turnout. Thanks to all who came out and supported the event. Many thanks as well to the 55+ Club which graciously provided the cakes for dessert.

    Please keep in mind that these events are conducted to raise money for a community center at Kate Mountain Park. As we speak, we have received proposals from four architectural firms for work at the Park to update the Master Plan, design some features to tie up some loose ends such as the border around the fill section, and to produce some visual aids to help us market this project as well as apply for grant funding. We are currently putting together a group to help guide and plan this project. We had our first meeting on Wed, May 18th at the Town Hall, whereby we discussed overall plans for the Park and narrowed down the selection of architectural firms for the building.

    Health Department Issues

    You may have noticed a rather large hole alongside the building. The Health Dept. wanted to see the origin of the water supply in the building. At that time, we were unsure as to the location of the top of the well casing. Rumor had it that it might be under the kitchen. Thanks to Dave Snickles and his trusty inspection camera, this rumor was proved to be false. Upon further investigation and a conversation with Bud Goff, it was determined that the casing was buried underground on the Post Office side of the building. So we started digging and, after what you now see as a big hole, the casing was located. Thanks to Alan Hadley and Glenn Swinyer for their diligence and careful excavation to finally expose the casing and the pipes entering the building.

    What we now have to do is install a submersible pump and new well line, extend the casing so that it is about 18 inches above ground level, and install a sanitary cap. That will bring us up to Health Dept. standards. We also have to install a sanitary cap over at the Park along with a "Don’t Drink the Water" sign since there is no water treatment system at the Park. That’s the news for now.

    Mark your calendar

    Don’t forget some important dates coming up: On Sunday, June 26th, we will be having our first Kickball Tournament. If you would like to play, round up a team, sign up, and join the fun. Signup sheets are at the Town Hall or on our web site. In addition to kickball, the food trailer will be making its seasonal debut with some great food and the Blue Line Brewery will be managing the Beer Garden. Sounds like fun for all.

    On July 30th, is our 5th Annual Founders’ Day and Community Picnic. We will have all the usual great stuff, vendors, pony rides, music, and food along with the return of the Blue Line Brewery’s great beers and ales. Again, all proceeds of this event go to benefit our Community Center Project.

    Looking forward to October 17th, we will have our 3rd Annual Punkin’ Chunkin’ Festival.As in the past, we can expect some interesting weather and some great fun and competition. Anyone interested in building a catapult or trebuchet for our competition should keep an eye out for the sign up information on our website, the Town Hall, and on our Facebook page.

    Also, keep a look out for announcements about our lasagna, roast pork, and roast beef dinners. These have been growing in popularity and will continue to do so with your help and participation. Proceeds from these events go to the Community Center Project as well.That’s definitely about it for now. Until next time, be well.

    More Odds and Ends

    By Lauren LeFebvre

    There are a lot of things going on right now. I'll just give you a quick update of what's what.

    1. Founder's Day-July 30. Vendor space is available - free to residents and $10 for non-residents. You don't have to "sell" something to be a vendor. Maybe you're a nonprofit and want to get the word out about your cause; maybe you're a handyman looking for odd jobs; this would be the place to get the word out. Registration forms are at the Town Hall and website.

    2. Pumpkin Heaves-October 15. Looking for a summer project? Build a catapult or trebuchet for the Pumpkin Heaves and Autumn Leaves Festival. More info is on the website.

    3. Kickball Tournament-June 26 at Kate Mountain Park. Sign your team up today! Registration info is on the website or call me and I'll get it to you. Must be over 21 to play.

    4. Website. There are so many things available on the website! All the Town Board meeting minutes for the last 10 years are there. So are building permit applications, texts of all our Local Laws, appointed and elected officials contact info, registration forms for our events, this newsletter and more! Yes, some things are out of date. I'm working on it.

    5. Jumping into the 21st Century. Beginning this summer I will be taking credit card payments for all fees collected by the Town Clerk/Tax Collector. You will be able to pay in person, online and/or by phone. is the provider and it's available to you 24/7. Govpay (not the Town of Franklin) does charge a percentage based convenience fee. It's up to you whether or not you take advantage of the service. I still take checks, cash and money orders. When I'm all trained and ready to rock-n-roll, the link will be on the website. I'll keep you posted.

    6. Rabies Clinic. s of today, Franklin County Public Health has decided NOT to have a rabies clinic here or in Paul Smiths. I am not thrilled about our end of the county getting the shaft and will call Public Health to be sure they know we do miss the service. If you would also like to call, the number is 481-1710. Be sure to tell them your Town Clerk suggested you call.

    7. Summer Youth Program. The program will run July 5-August 12. 9am to 2pm, M-F. The program is free and lunch is provided. Registration forms are at the Town Hall and on the website.

    I know I'm forgetting a million things. If you have questions about anything listed here or something else, I'm a phone call away 891-2189 M-Th 9-2, message me on Facebook, email me at or text/call me at 637-7754 anytime.

    Someone Deserves an “Atta Boy!”

    by Lauren LeFebvre

    For months I've been hearing about Super Student-Super Athlete-All Around Super Person, David Sullivan, son of deservedly proud parents Wade and Tammie Sullivan. Rather than me blathering, read these:

    David Sullivan is a dedicated student-athlete and I have been fortunate to coach him in both football and track and field. David was football captain in both 7th and 8th grade and he lead by example. In track and field David has stood out as a leader and is Varsity Captain as an 11th grader. Through hard work, he has become the top discus thrower in the league and is the second best shot-putter in the league. Coach Cy Ellsworth

    David Sullivan has been a two-year starter for the varsity football team having been brought up as a sophomore. He is an anchor on the offensive and defensive lines and we are excited for his third year with us this fall. He is fully committed to his personal goals regarding football and that of his team as well. He embodies a true team player. Coach Eric Bennett

    David has taken a full schedule college preparatory courses each year and his grades have been of honors status every quarter. He is in a high achieving class and maintaining this level of work, while being so involved in sports is quite an accomplishment. Also, David has filled his schedule with purposeful electives in the Technology Department and Art Department. He won an award at the recent high school art show at the town hall. Christine Bell, Guidance Counselor

    What more is there to say? Bravo Wade and Tammie! David Sullivan, you make us all proud! Atta Boy! (If you know someone who deserves an Atta Boy (or girl), let me know.)

    Mary Ellen Keith Honored

    Mary Ellen Keith
    L to R: Assemblywoman Janet Duprey and Mary Ellen Keith

    Each year, May is Older Americans Month, and Franklin County selects an Outstanding Senior Citizen. The County selected our own 55+ Club Vice President Mary Ellen Keith for her years of dedication to her community, and her continued selfless efforts to combat food insecurity in our region. The honor was recognized and celebrated by the Town of Franklin at a dinner at the Town Hall. In addition, special guests, Franklin County Director of the Association of Senior Citizens in Franklin County Susan Schrader, and Director of Franklin County Office of the Aging Becky Preve commended Mary Ellen for her years of commitment and achievements.

    Mary Ellen was also honored by New York State Office for the Aging at a ceremony on May 10th, 2016 at the Egg in Albany. She additionally was hand selected by the New York State Assembly to receive the Assembly Exceptional Senior Recognition on the floor in session on May 10th, and was commended by Assemblywoman Janet Duprey.

    Moreover, on May 20th, both Congresswoman Elise Stefanik and Franklin County Legislator Tim Jones paid tribute to Mary Ellen with speeches and letters of commendation at the county Association of Seniors Citizens annual dinner. We are honored and proud to have her among us!

    Senior Input into Building Project

    55+ Club President Charles Lashway and Secretary Donna Buckley have been appointed to the Community Center Building Project at Kate Mountain Park. At the committee’s first meeting on May 18, they, along with several other members of the community, participated in the process of selecting an architectural firm regarding the building plans based on many factors that influence the cost, quality, utility, site location, aesthetics, etc. Charles and Donna presented ideas from the perspective of Senior Citizens.

    The Town of Franklin 55+ Club

    Seniors’ Day Away

    55+ Club
    Historical Museum Building

    Recently, the Club took a day to visit the Franklin County Historical and Museum Society, which is housed in Malone. The Society is devoted to the initiation, promotion, and coordination of educational programs mairily for the benefit of Franklin County residents and its visitors; and to encourage and facilitate research into the life and history of the area. Once inside, you are impressed by its fabulous interior and its amazing collection of antiques and artifacts, some with which you can identify.

    A guided tour was provided, during which we learned that United States Vice President William A. Wheeler (1877-81) was a resident of Malone. After his death on June 4, 1887, he was interned in Morningside Cemetery in Malone. The Wheeler home on Elm Street in Malone is now maintained by the Malone Lodge of Elks. The family had donated to the museum furniture and his beaver skin top hat and the protective box.

    Our 55+Club is continually growing. We have welcomed several new members in the past 3 months. The Franklin County Association of Senior Citizen Spring Festival is coming soon (May 20) and will held this year at Paul Smith’s College. The Town of Franklin’s Founders’ Day (July 30) is also coming soon. Our 55+ Club is noted for holding a bake sale which is always greatly anticipated and well attended.

    Join Us Every 2nd and Last Tuesdays at the Town Hall: 5 pm Summer, 12 pm Winter

    Charles Lashway, President
    Mary Ellen Keith, Vice President
    Lena Skeels, Treasurer
    Donna Buckley, Secretary 891-9214

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