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VOLUME 8 ISSUE 5 - The Franklin Flyer Our Town News - NOVEMBER 2017

From the Supervisor

By Art Willman

This edition, my comments will be relatively short in order to allow more space for other folks.

Highway Department Update
This Fall, things have been relatively quiet. Over at the Highway Dept., the guys have been finishing up some prep work for paving, taking care of other highway maintenance issues, and have begun to finish off our paving projects. One project in particular took a bit longer to get going due to the necessity of dealing with the Army Corps of Engineers, which can gum things up considerably. That now is in the past and the paving has been done. Next will come one more project and then we will continue to haul and put up road sand. All in all things have progressed nicely over the past few months

Solarization Grant Status
Over at the Town Hall, we are kind of in waiting mode. As you may remember, we received the designation of Clean Energy Community from NYSERDA. This, in turn, made us eligible to receive a $100,000 grant for which we submitted the application toward the end of August. We still haven’t heard any word, but we remain hopeful. This grant would enable us to install a 33 kw solar array which would be large enough to supply power to offset electrical costs at the Town Hall, the Highway Garage, and at the new Community Center when that is built.

Community Center Update
Speaking of the new Community Center, as you know, the bond referendum passed and now we are waiting to pull the trigger on a Bond Anticipation Note in the Spring. There is no sense in doing that now since we would incur unnecessary interest cost. Since we plan on breaking ground somewhere in mid to late April, March would be soon enough to lock in financing. Hopefully Mother Nature cooperates and we can proceed with the project without too many hiccups.

It will certainly be nice to see a new building standing completed by this time next year

As you may have noticed, we had to cancel our Pumpkin Heaves Festival this year. This was due to the lack of prior registrations of participants. Save the date as October 13th, 2018. The usual great time and great food will be had along with the pumpkin pie bakeoff, pumpkin painting and carving competition, and all the other events we all enjoyed. As usual with all our events, the proceeds will go to the Community Center.

Upcoming Events

On Dec. 2nd, we will be having our annual Lasagna Dinner. If the past turnouts are any indication, we will sell out early. For those who like to come in and dine with us, it is a great opportunity to get together with friends and perhaps enjoy a bottle of wine that someone has brought

Finally, look forward to our annual Roast Pork Dinner on Sat., January 20st. Roast pork, baked potato, stuffing, green beans, and gravy will top the list along with some delicious desserts. As usual take outs are available, but a greater number of folks have been choosing to dine at the Town Hall and have turned this meal as with the Lasagna Dinner into quite a social event. Also, as with the lasagna, we will hopefully sell out. Both meals start at 4 pm and go until 7pm unless sold out. Phone orders for take outs will be taken beginning at 3:00 for both meals.

Come on down and enjoy some good company and some great food. Help support our Community Center.

That’s it for now. Until next time, be well.

Mary Ellen Keith Remembered

Mary Ellen Keith

We at the 55 Plus Club would like to pay tribute to our dear departed friend, who was the embodiment of service to our Town and beyond. We will treasure the memories of our times with her that she leaves behind. She will be missed deeply.

Odds and Ends

By Lauren LeFebvre, Town Clerk

We hear over and over again that our society has an “information overload”. News comes at us from so many different directions we're bombarded with it constantly. I agree, we can't get away from it. On the other hand, in my very own Town, I've heard “I didn't know…., why don't you let people know about...” Holy Cow! Seriously? Maybe some parts of the Town are in a mysterious sealed vortex where no information can come in or go out. Well, paint me blue and call me Smurfette! I had no idea we had such an anomaly here. What a great place to go on vacation!

As the Town Clerk, it's my job to make sure information is readily available and disseminated. When I hear someone say they didn't know about something, I tend to take it personally. When this happens, after losing sleep and crying for days on end, I run through a mental checklist of what I did do and what I could have done in order for that person have gotten that information.

Here are the ways information is put out there:

1. Board Meetings-2nd Wednesday of every month at 5:30pm. Whatever is going on is being discussed and decided on at a board meeting. I realize it's not the most exciting way to spend an hour or so on a Wednesday night but this is where the ship is steered. All Aboard, Matey!

2. Board Meeting Minutes-The Town Clerk's one and only role involving the Town Board is to take minutes at board meetings for historical accuracy. The Town Clerk does not work for the board or the Supervisor.

(I get such a thrill every time I can throw that out there) The Town Clerk works for you. Those minutes are for you. They're on the website. There are copies at the Town Hall. I can send them to you in the mail.

3. This Newsletter-This newsletter is delivered via the US Mail to EVERY SINGLE ADDRESS in the 12989 zip code and to 12913 zip codes that are located in the Town of Franklin. Obviously, the mysterious sealed vortex of no information portion of Town receives no mail. The newsletter is also on the website. I would be happy to mail it to anyone who would like a copy but, for whatever reason, is not getting it. Actually, if you get mail here but aren't getting this, I'll bring it over and read it to you.

4. The Town Sign-All board meetings, budget meetings, special meeting, public hearings, etc. are posted with at least 10 days’ notice. Yes, I know not everyone drives by the sign. You should, I love that sign.

5. Adirondack Daily Enterprise-Those Public Notices at the beginning of the Classifieds? Yeah, you're going to want to peruse those. I'm required to put notices of special meetings, public hearings, etc. in there.

6. Facebook-Yes, the Town of Franklin has a Facebook! Look for Town of Franklin, Franklin County, NY. I'm not required to post notices on Facebook. I usually post events and the like. It's a good place to find out about fun things and ways to get involved. If you have an event going on, I'm happy to let folks know. The people in the sealed vortex won't know but everyone else will. I don't do Twitter, there's a 164 (or something like that) character limit to Tweets. Brevity is foreign to me.

7. Use Your Words-Call me, email me, Facebook me, text me, stop by the Town Hall, stop me at the Post Office, stop me at Aldi—ask me. Worse than having no information, is having BAD information. Remember the game Telephone when we were kids?

Here's some new information to spread

The Annual Lasagna Dinner will be December 2, 4-7—Take-out will be available by calling 891-2189 that day, after 3pm. This sells out FAST. As always there will be choice of meat or veggie lasagna. Dinner will come with salad, roll, beverage and dessert. $10 Adults, $5 Kids—All proceeds go toward the construction of the community building.

Visit with Santa-December 16 12-1:30pm. All children who believe in Santa are invited. Presents for all kids. Pizza lunch and yummy goodies. If you would like to donate a gift, that would be fabulous. You can drop it off with me at the Town Hall M-Th 9-2 before 12/11.

Wrapped or unwrapped, it's up to you. If it's easier for you just to throw me a couple of bucks, that's fine, too. I'll do the buying for you. If you wrap it, just put a note on it so we can tell if it's for a boy or girl or either and what age. I just ask that you keep the price around $20. I'd hate to see someone get Pez Dispenser and someone else get an iPhone. I usually plan for kids from infant up to around 10 years old.

Looking ahead to 2018

Roast Pork Dinner: January 20 — Details pretty much the same as the Lasagna Dinner, just different food.

Get Involved - I've heard a lot about people wanting to get involved with community events. Well, here's how. There is a committee of volunteers that organize the community dinners, Founder's Day (July 28), Town of Franklin Golf Tournament (Sept 22?) and Pumpkin Heaves (October 13) and there is room for YOU. You can help with as many or as few of these as you want. Just let me know what you don't want to do. For example, I don't do dishes or have anything to do with cooking. Shocking, isn't it? Some people like to be behind the scenes, that's fine. Some people want to be front and center. Some people have experience getting the word out about events. Some people wouldn't know where to start. Whatever you're feeling, there's a place for you. Our first meeting of the year will be sometime in January. Give me a heads-up that you're interested and I'll let you know the details.

Mary Ellen Keith

As I close this out, I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the loss of Mary Ellen Keith. I met Mary Ellen on March 21, 1992. She was the OB nurse the night our oldest daughter was born. Before she left to go home, she had taught me how to hold and feed a newborn; picked me up off the floor twice because I fainted, gave me information about the food pantry, and was going to contact my landlord about a weatherization program the Town of Franklin was involved in. I didn't even know I lived in the Town of Franklin. She'd been part of my life ever since. Ten years later she was Supervisor, for her second stint, and I was Town Clerk. She is truly missed.

Help Preserve Town History

As the historian for the TOWN OF FRANKLIN, I’m looking for information and pictures of the old town hall. Also I am looking to talk to some of the people who have been living in the town most of their lives. In September we lost a very important person, who knew a lot about the town and its history. Please call me: "Phyllis King @ 891-1995.

Just a small note from the "Historian of the Town of Franklin.” I have talking to a few of the residence of the town and they are asking about the "Old Town Hall". I was wondering if anybody has pictures of it, please let me know. Also, I am willing to talk to some to the people who have been living here most of their lives. Please call me: "Phyllis King" @ 891-1995 any time. Thank you.

Town Board Meetings

5:30 p.m. (Winter), 2nd Wednesdays of the Month at the Town Hall, Vermontville

55+ Club Meetings

2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month (winter 12 noon; 5:30pm summer) at the Town Hall in Vermontville. Contact Phyllis King: 518-891-1995

St. Paul's Food Pantry

Building behind Town Hall.
Distribution one day a month and as needed...
Make out donations to St. Paul's Food Pantry
C/o Sara Besaw: 518-891-5087

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