Adirondack Town Of Franklin
Adirondack Town Of Franklin


The Town of Franklin offers a variety of seasonal recreational activities.

Summer and Spring offers hiking, mountain biking, fishing, canoeing, rafting, swimming and boating. There are many boat launching sites, one of which is located at Buck Pond and another at Kushaqua. Buck Pond is a non-motorized lake that offers camping for the whole family. Lake Kushaqua is a motorized lake where one can go waterskiing, jet skiing and trout fishing. both are right next to each other, located in Onchiota, N.Y..

Tour a Museum in Onchiota, NY. The Six Nations Indian Museum, open on a regular basis during the summer months. The Museum houses a myriad of pre-contact, and post-contact artifacts, contemporary arts and crafts, diagrammatic charts, posters, and other items.

In the Winter time, Town of Franklin offers pristine woodlands and memorable vistas. Its Snowmobiling, rated the best in the east, has a riding network that includes hundreds of miles of trails. Maps are available at the Town Hall.

Cross Country Skiing is a winter sport that everyone can enjoy. There are cross country ski trails everywhere! The adventurous blaze their own trails while others will go out on the lakes (when frozen) and snowmobile trails.

Ice Fishing is also popular sport among the residents and visitors. Contact NY Dept. of Environmental Conservation for ice fishing spots.

Kate Mountain Park Recreation & Development also offers Ice Skating and cross country skiing.

The following are Department of Environmental Conservation Links to Area Maps.
Franklin County
Debar Mountain Wild Forest. Including portions of the Chazy Highlands Wild Forest
Kushaqua Tract Conservation Easement Map

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