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Regular Meeting - Monthly Board Meetings April 13, 2022 5:30PM


Supervisor Dorothy Brown, Council Member Rachelle Waters, Council Member Richard Jarvis and Council Member Leo Demong


Council Member Gail Huston


Pete & Julie Woodcock, Tamara Peary, Paul Capone, Richard Brandt, Leg. Lindy Ellis, Lauren LeFebvre—Town Clerk


Supervisor Brown called the meeting to order at 5:30pm. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and the Town Clerk called the roll, noting Council Member Huston and a quorum present.


Leg. Lindy Ellis brought the board up-to-date on various funding sources and providers the North Country Broadband Alliance has applied to in order to increase high-speed broadband availability and affordability in the North Country.

Julie Woodcock requested the Town follow up on the Woodcock's 2014 request to lower the speed limit on the Route 3 end of County Route 60. The 2014 request was denied by the Franklin County Highway Superintendent. Supervisor Brown will contact Franklin County to re-open the issue. Julie also stated Saranac Lake Rescue Squad is billing ToF residents for transport. Supervisor Brown stated no bills should be sent to ToF rescue calls as those expenses are covered in our contract for service. Supervisor Brown will contact the rescue squad.

Paul Capone informed those present of the upcoming Board of Assessment Review Grievance night on May 24, 2022 5pm-9pm- at the Franklin Town Hall. Mr. Capone requested the board consider conducting a property assessment revaluation as it has been over 10 years since the last one was conducted.

REVIEW/APPROVAL Of March 8, 2022 MINUTES-D.Brown-L.Demong m/s/p 3 Aye, 1 No

SUPERVISOR'S REPORT: Balances on hand as of March 31, 2022

General Fund
Kt. Mt SRF$2,058.62
Cemetery RF$5,609.02
Kate Mt. CLASS$46,676.83
Highway Fund
Cap Proj. HW$4,156.89
Landfill Clos. CR
Fire Protection
Capital Proj Bldg

(Jarvis-Demong m/s/p) All Aye


The board audited and approved the following claims:

General FundAbstract 4Claims 66-78$6,011.81
Highway FundAbstract 4Claims 41-61$19,451.87
Fire ProtectionAbstract 4Claim 17-22$1,329.54

(Jarvis-Demong m/s/p) All Aye

HIGHWAY SUPERINTENDENT'S REPORT - Superintendent DeMars submitted the following written report, read by Supervisor Brown:

  • Plow and sanded when needed
  • Had Loader, backhoe and grader out several times to deal with ice build up and water issues
  • Town of Saranac sent up 1 man and equipment to assist in thawing out a culvert on Plank Rd
  • Posted roads with weight limit signs
  • Started cleaning trees out of ditch lines
  • Started prepping tractors for summer and brooming

Supervisor Brown informed the board that Highway Superintendent requested to purchase Dodge Ram 2500 to replace the 2014 pick-up he currently uses. The new vehicle is available through NYS Office of Government Services (OGS). Superintendent DeMars has chosen to to keep the 2014 as it will still be used by the Highway Department.

On a motion by Supervisor Brown, second by Council Member Jarvis, BE IT RESOLVED that the Town of Franklin Town Board does hereby authorize the purchase of a new 2022 Dodge Ram 2500 through Robert Green Truck Division (Rock Hill, NY) OGS Contract with NYS in the amount of $59,165.60.

Those Voting Aye:
    Supervisor Brown
    Council Member Demong
    Council Member Jarvis
    Council Member Waters

Those Voting Absent: Council Member Huston


A. Board of Assessment Review - The Town Clerk has informed Supervisor Brown of a vacancy on the BAR. It is a five-year term.

B. Franklin County Youth Board-Supervisor - Brown stated FCYB is seeking new members from the southern end of Franklin County.

C. Energy Committee Proposal - Council Member Jarvis introduced town resident Richard Brandt. Council Member Jarvis submitted a draft resolution establishing a Franklin Energy Committee. Supervisor Brown requested the issue be tabled to allow her to obtain input from Franklin Code Officer Derrick Martineau.


A. DASNY - Supervisor Brown will contact Sen. Dan Stek's office regarding the $100,000 grant to rehab the Town Hall as the original allocation was from retired Senator Betty Little.

B. Assemblyman Billy Jones' Funding - Supervisor Brown announced the $500,000 reimbursement promised by Assemblyman Jones following the loss, due to fire, of the town highway garage in 2019.

C. ARRA (Covid money) - Supervisor Brown stated she is submitting the required “use of funds” reports as required.

D. Park Building - Supervisor Brown reported town resident and independent contractor AJ Arnold has agreed to complete the interior of the building. Snickles Plumbing and Heating (located in the Town) has agreed to perform all plumbing and heating work. Council Member Demong is working with Dominic Fontana (engineer). Mr. Fontana has volunteered his professional skills to the town for this project.

E. Pump Track - Council Member Waters reported she has applied for a grant to create a Pump Track (bicycle) at Kate Mountain. It is a matching grant. The total cost is estimated to be $5,000 with $2,500 coming from the ToF budget. Currently, Council Member Waters is researching Pump Track design.


A. Recreation - Council Member Jarvis presented the draft kiosk insert for the board's input. He also reported Mike Martin (resident) is progressing on the construction of the two kiosks. The committee visited Kate Mt. Park to site placement for the three wooden play structures to be installed at the park. The committee also reported there has been communication with the committee by DEC regarding the future of the DeBar Unit Management Plan. DeBar Lodge plans can be separate from the UMP, Lastly, Council Member Jarvis suggested the town replace and improve signage at various town line boundaries.

B. Youth Program - Supervisor Brown reported she is in process of submitting the required paperwork to the Department of Health.

C. Newsletter - The Town Clerk reported Council Member Huston has requested any information to be included in this newsletter should be submitted to her by April 18.

D. Broadband - Councilman Demong reported there is nothing to add to Leg. Ellis' update.


There being no further business to discuss, Supervisor Brown adjourned the meeting at 7:15pm.

Respectfully submitted, Lauren LeFebvre, Town Clerk

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