Adirondack Town Of Franklin
Adirondack Town Of Franklin

Town of Franklin Complete Index of Local Laws/Ordinaces

20104Dog Control and Licensing Law in the Town of Franklin, effective January 1, 2011 
20103Highway Superintendent Health Insurance Buyout 
20102Repeal Local Law #1 of 2009 - Major Subdivision Control Law 
20101Repeal Local Law #2 of 2009, Planning Board 
20091Major Subdivision Control Law effective 9/30/09Repealed 2010
20092Creation of Planning Board, effective 9/30/09Repealed 2010
20081Change residency requirement for appointed Deputy Highway Superintendent 
20071Unified Fire Prevention and Building Code 
20041Amend Ethics law to define "blood relation" 
20042Amend 1991 Local Law 1 - Increase Vets Exemption 
20031Code of Ethics - Local Law 12004
20022Grievance Day date change to 1st Wednesday in June 
20021Prohibition on improperly stored garbage 
20011Grievance Day date change 
20012Amend §3 of Local Law #1 of 1986 re fees re Administration/enforcement of Fire & Bldg Code 
19951Removal/repair of unsafe buildings 
19941Regulate & control dogs in TownRepealed 2010
19933Fair Housing Law 
19932Amend Local Law #1 of 1992 re Flood Damage 
19931Administration/enforcement of Fire/Bldg CodeRepealed 2007
19921Flood Damage Protection 
19911Repeal of Local Law #1 of 1984 re Real Property Tax Law §458-aAmended 2004
19861Administration and Enforcement of Fire and Building CodeRepealed 2007
19841Inapplicability of §458-a of Real Property Tax Law in Town of Franklin 
19831Change in Office of Assessor from three (3) elected assessors to one (1) appointed Assessor 
19751Regulating use of power boats on Oregon Pond. 
1972OrdinanceOrdinance regulating snowmobiles on Town roads 
19711Assessor positions continue to be elected 
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